Thursday, 30 November 2023, 11:30am-12:15pm (Sydney Summer time)


This webinar serves two purposes.

Firstly, to raise funds for our favourite charity – Manly’s Streetwork – they need a lot of extra help this Christmas to help lost kids. Every dollar raised is going to them.

The second purpose is to provide every participant with the three most valuable advice tools used by our clients in 2023, which improved their profits, reduced key person dependencies, and increased the value delivered to their new and existing clients.

This event will be facilitated by Jim Stackpool.

FEES for a seat to this event is only $25+gst. Every dollar collected will be donated to STREETWORK MANLY in time for Christmas.

You can donate more if you wish.

The event will be recorded, and materials will be made available for those who cannot attend live.


The following will assist your experience when joining live.


As with any conference, being able to hear the speakers is vitally important to getting the best value possible. While there are always technical issues (hopefully small) when participating in online sessions, your own – ideally separate – headset will make all the difference. Smartphone headphones are ideal.


We hearing you is as important as you hearing us. While there are always video & audio issues, your own – ideally separate (non-computer) – mic always helps. Smartphone mic is ideal.

Twin Screens

Remote events are most effecitve when you  can see the community as though you’re in a room together. One screen for your workspaces (Zoom) and another for faces. (Not mandatory of course).

Username & Password


All materials needed for this event can be found within the Learning Area of our website. Following successful registration, a member of our team will email you with your new username and password as well as other information needed for this session.

Thank You

All proceeds received will be donated to the best unknown charity on our Northern Beaches – Streetwork – the last resort for growing numbers of lost, stressed kids.

Meet The Convenor

Jim Stackpool

Jim Stackpool

Founder - Certainty Advice Group

Since 1989 Jim has influenced, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he acts primarily as facilitator for professionals seeking to build advice businesses to serve the broad best interests of clients.

He has published four books on advice, written industry white papers, judged industry awards, chaired practice management curriculum for higher education institutions, and has been granted by IP Australia and ACCC, Australia’s first professional financial advice certification standard for unconflicted advice – Certainty Advice.

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