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Named after Joel Seach’s 2 children, the definition of Harpel Financial Group is quite literally Family. And with Joel at the helm, Harpel specialises in helping this extended family in developing effective, easy to understand Valuable Strategies to achieve their financial goals. Harpel’s promise – to provide high quality, personalised service that’s built on trust and ethical advice.

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When Regulators Can't Regulate

Certainty Adviser, Joel Seach shares his views with Jim Stackpool about the recent decision by the financial services regulator not to prosecute AMP for actions identified in the Banking Royal Commission.

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Cheap Advice

Certainty Adviser, Joel Seach from Harpel Financial Group talks with Jim Stackpool sharing his views about the industry’s push to make advice as cheap as possible.

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The advice I give to my clients is the same advice I would give to my family. If it doesn’t pass that test, it’s not good enough.

Joel Seach

Founder - Certainty Adviser, Harpel Financial Group Greensborough

Joel Seach, Principal of Harpel Financial Group

Harpel Financial Group

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