Real Life Success Story: Referrals

Recently, Dieter Tode of Wealth Plus Solutions has been getting an impressive number of referrals coming through.

So we quizzed him about his approach.

When asked what he thought was the most important thing he’d done in the process of seeking referrals, Dieter said he thought two things were very important.

1.  Making sure that the referrer clearly understands the process that clients they’re referring will go through. 

Naturally this understanding will come more easily to your existing clients who experience your process themselves than it will to many potential alliance partners who, without that personal experience of dealing with you, are more likely to make inaccurate assumptions about your approach.  Dieter also notes that it’s much easier asking your clients for referrals when you feel sure that they really “get it”, at that point when they really see the value you provide.  Otherwise it can feel like you’re pushing them.  

In a similar vein, it’s also important for the referrer to clearly understand your value proposition. Interestingly, Dieter’s experience illustrates that there are a variety of ways to get your message out there.  While existing clients have been the source of most of his referrals, Dieter has also been referred clients from a financial planner outside of his firm due to his expertise (demonstrated through the white paper he has researched) in working with shareholders of engineering consultancies.

2.  Directly asking for help. 

Dieter commented that he’s still somewhat amazed by the power of the words “I need your help” when asking for a referral.

Both Dieter’s sentiment and the results are totally understandable.  Many of us find it somewhat discomfiting to ask for help.  On the other hand, being able to help someone else (and particularly someone we believe has already done a lot for us) feels great.  Directly asking your ideal advice clients for help is an excellent approach for getting referrals.

Dieter points out that when you truly believe in the outcomes you provide for clients, there is nothing wrong with asking them for a referral.  Going forward, he intends to just keep on asking.  And when on a roll, he says, use that positive mojo and ask!

What do you reckon?


About Jim Stackpool

For nearly 30 years Jim has influenced, coached, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he leads a like-minded team of professional advisory firms seeking to create greater certainty for their clients. As an author, blogger, columnist, and keynote speaker, Jim is regularly called upon for his professional insights into the advice industry. His latest book Seeking Certainty is available now.

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