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Everything we do starts with a focus on delivering valuable financial advice.

We do this by continually developing our frameworks, our support and the skills of our growing community of advisory firms who wish to engage their clients purely on the value they deliver without any conflicting incentives.


Our Certainty Standards aim to make financial advice valuable for the majority of Australians, not a minority as it is today.

Now is the time to accelerate…

Financial Advice needs Leaders

ACCELERATE your approach to deliver valuable unconflicted financial advice in the post-Royal Commission, FASEA era. Australians need advice leaders now more than ever.

Why engage in our Cultivating Advice community & aPPROACH?

Certainty for clients – deliver the certainty and value your clients seek

Certainty for you – grow confidently with peers using a future model of advice

Best of times – leverage your opportunities as old advice models fail

Without any doubt in my mind we would not have had the confidence to make the changes in our business that we did without you guys. So thank you for your guidance and for providing us the ‘framework for us to complete our artwork’

George Tsakiris

2019 Adviser of the Year (Australian Unity), Advance Financial Planning


2020 needs a very different approach – advisers have to advise like they have never done before – welcome to the future of advice 

The bushfires of early 2020 showed us all the value of community. If you plan to build a great advice firm from the crisis of Covid-19, if you are transitioning existing clients to better engagement models, if you are looking to engage and skill your team, then consider one of the following partnerships with the Certainty Community. Plus you will get online access to proven training modules, working advice templates, and a broad advisory community to support your growth efforts. 

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Join a unique community of advisory teams using Australia’s first professional financial advice standard to deliver the value your clients seek and build the firm you’ve always planned.

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